How to Stay Fit in College

I have many girls asking me these days, how can they stay healthy while they are in college.

Well yes, it’s harder to stay fit and healthy when you’re far from home, and you have a lot going on. No gyms near by – or no money for gym, no healthy food on the menu, no time to sleep, not to mention run.

Well, it is harder indeed, but it’s possible. It only takes discipline to get through it all, and a little bit of commitment.

So let’s get started step by step, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to stay fit and healthy in college. My diary is here to help as always!

Choose Healthier Meals

HealthyChoicesI know how hard it is to choose between a pizza and a bowl of rice or veggies, but it all comes to this in the end. It doesn’t matter how much you eat, you can eat a lot, as long as you keep it healthy.

So choose chicken over burger, fruit over a cookie and salad over bread. When you do these things, you’ll manage to stay healthy even in college.

Also, don’t skip meals. Eat healthier not less, so you really don’t need to skip the meal, or even skip breakfast. If you are not hungry or you don’t have time, just have some fruit on the way to your classes.

Make A Plan

In order to have time, you have to plan everything. Plan the time for studying, and plan the time for working out. When you have a plan it is a lot easier to make it a routine, and it’s easier to stay fit when you have a routine. Plan your time, so that you can make time for exercising too. Here’s something that might help you to organize yourself and to plan it all nice

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