13 Fitness Hacks That Can Simplify Your Workouts

How many times have you had your mind set on exercising, but talked yourself out of it? It’s easy to justify skipping daily exercise when you are busy, tired or sore. But unless you work out consistently, you won’t get great results. Here are some fitness hacks to simplify your workouts and make exercise plans stick.simplify

    • Sip water. Drink water throughout the day to ensure you’re hydrated. Then, when it’s time to hit the gym, track or road, your performance won’t be sluggish.
    • Step it up. If you live within close proximity of your workplace, ditch your ride or public transportation and speed walk all the way to work. Not only will you save a few bucks on gas, but you’ll also eliminate parking expenses from your budget. Depending on how much effort you exert, you may be able to accelerate your heart rate to the point where hitting the gym isn’t necessary for the day.
    • Combine your moves. Aerobic, strength and cardio training can all take place simultaneously to curb the time spent in the gym. Another option is to try to turn everyday situations into bouts of exercise. Just standing around at a restaurant waiting to meet someone for lunch? Put those leg muscles to work with calf raises.
    • Push it to the limit. Short and sweet — but intense — workouts always trump long and sluggish sessions. No amount of time is too brief to break a sweat, whether it is during a TV commercial break or a 15-minute hiatus at work.
    • Be prepared to work out at any time. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your workout bag. It is too easy to be distracted by things such as deciding on which workout attire you want to wear. Keep your bag packed and fully stocked with all the things you need.
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