11 Yoga Poses for Slim Thighs

Who doesn’t want to look smokin’ in their flowy skirts and shorts? Your trusty yoga mat has got your butt back. Sculpt and lengthen your thighs and tush with this 11-posture standing sequence. Move through it on the right side, and then repeat on the left.


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Use this pose to calm the body and mind and to begin to connect with your breath. You can also take a moment to make a dedication for your practice.

  • Stand at the front of your mat, feet together. Either rest your hands at the sides of the body, or press the palms together in front of the heart.
  • Keep the abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, and breathe five deep breaths.


Standing Forward Bend

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This forward-bend variation is excellent for increasing flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back.

  • Inhale in Mountain Pose, and exhale to fold forward with a straight back. Tuck your chin in toward your chest, relax your shoulders, and continue lengthening the crown of your head toward the floor to create a long spine.
  • Straighten the legs as much as possible, and shift weight forward into your toes. If it feels right, then place your hands on the ground, fingertips lining up with your toes.
  • Hold here for five breaths.


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