4 Types of Fitness Training and Their Benefits

At home workouts aren’t always easy, and in fact you can get a workout at home that is comparable to that of a gym workout. If you want to get in amazing shape, don’t think that you have to spend tons of money on a gym membership. You can get your best body right at home. Follow these tips on designing your at home workout and expect to see results, fast!

It’s possible to get a workout superior to that of a gym workout at home without spending hours of your time. Make the most of your workout by building a routing that utilizes a variety of exercises, and remember to keep switching it up to keep your body challenged. Simply combine all of the following aspects of all types of workouts, for best results.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Not all cardio is equal and the most hard-core cardio workouts will provide the most calorie-burn for your buck. A brisk seven-minute walk run will burn between 700 and 1,400 calories. Other aerobic exercises like jumping rope, and rollerblading also will burn well over 500 calories per hour.

Check out this great cardiovascular workout that utilizes body weight, and very little equipment:

Strength Training

Weight lifting offers a variety of benefits, from more resting calorie burn, to a tight and toned body at any weight. Don’t forget this important part of your at home workout routine. By increasing the weight amount progressively (example: week 1 – 5 lb, week 2 – 8 lb) you can continue to improve your muscle density, and tone. And don’t fear that you will get “bulky,” you won’t! Developing your muscles makes cardiovascular workouts a little easier, and by doing compound exercises you can strengthen your entire body in just a few short weeks.

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