Fat Burning Strength & Cardio Workout

Combining strength and cardio exercises not only improves health, boosts calorie burn and transforms your physique, it’s also amazingly efficient!

Kettlebell Swingskettlebell-swing-squat

Begin in a standing tall position, legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, the handle of the kettlebell grasped firmly in both hands and hanging between the legs. Keeping the shoulder back and a straight, begin by bending the knees (like a half squat) and swinging the bell backwards through your legs. Using a swift standing motion and push forward of your hips, power the kettlebell up to shoulder height with straight arms. Do NOT let go! Swing back and maintain this pattern in a fluid repetitive pattern.

Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squat ThrusterKettlebell Single Arm Front Squat Thruster

Begin standing tall with one kettlebell held at shoulder height, elbow facing forward and bell hanging on the outside of the wrist. Keeping the core very stable, push back leading with the hips and sit into a squat position. The opposite arm may come forward for balance control. As you push the body back up to a standing position, use the momentum and force of the legs to assist the arm in thrusting the kettlebell straight up overhead. Release with control and return to the start position to repeat.

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