5 Barre Exercises You Can Do at Home

Today’s workouts incorporate moves from ballet, yoga and Pilates, and use props like lightweights, yoga blocks, resistance bands, weighted balls and Pilates rings. Fun props, but many moves can be done without the extras.

Flybarre’s Wall Bridge SeriesFlybarres Wall Bridge Series

Works: Hamstrings

Lay on your back facing a wall with your feet up against the wall, toes pointed up. Make sure your knees are right over the hips. Press hand down flat on the floor beside you. Slowly lift the pelvis up and down, letting your hips come down about an inch from the floor. Perform this move for about 1 minute, then pulse at the top for 2 minutes, keeping the pelvis up at hip level and feet into the wall.

Challenge yourself: During this sequence, lift the toes just slightly off the wall, says Liotta, with the heels remaining firm into the wall to intensify the burn in your hammies.

Flybarre’s Inner Thigh Leg LiftsInner Thigh Leg Lift

Works: Inner thighs

Lay on your left side, resting your head on your left arm or using your left hand to prop your head up. Bring the right leg across the left, so that the right knee is pointing toward the ceiling. Flex the left foot and lift the leg, taking tiny pulses upward. Make sure you are getting the whole thighbone up off the floor when you lift. Perform this for about 2 minutes on each side.

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