7 Proven Ways to Get Abs

When aiming for any goal, there is always one thing that will prevent you from getting there– excuses. The same goes for weight loss. ​First things first, any reason you have to avoid exercise needs to be tossed aside.

If you ever want to see your body change and feel like a healthier you, gym fees and commutes to get to a fitness center don’t need to stand in your way. You don’t even need to use weights to have a calorie-burning strength workout session.

Body Weight Exercises

​Exercising using just your body weight is easier than you think. Push ups work wonders for your entire body – your core, shoulders, triceps, biceps. Think about the physics! Pushing your whole weight upward versus gravity. It’s totally acceptable to not even be able to complete one full push-up if you’re a beginner. The form takes practice, though nonetheless, does not require weights! This is one of many strength moves you can practice at home.

To get your heart rate up and see the fat melt off your body over time, cardio is what you want to do. If you like going running, that’ll do the trick, but if hitting the pavement intimidates you there are tons of alternative forms of cardio. Jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope, you name it. All indoors, all high-intensity.​

The key to burning fat and seeing drastic weight loss results is HIIT: high interval intensity training.

HIIT Circuits At Home

This type of working out requires high bursts of energy and force to get your heart pumping and muscles burning quick, but not for very long.​ Training in HIIT circuits at home also spices up your workout routine since you keep your brain busy as you jump from one exercise into the next. Adrenaline flows and your body follows right behind.​

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