5 Ab Exercises You Can Do at Home

Do you dread working them out? Does the thought of knocking out hundreds and hundreds of boring crunches make you want to skip ab day all together? I used to feel the exact same way. Until just a couple of years ago, I thought that the only way to get a toned mid-section was to do a ton of crunches. Once I was enlightened to the huge variety of exercises you can do to tone your core, I actually looked forward to working my abs, and I’m going to show you just how easy it can be!

Ab workouts can actually be fun with all the variety of exercises you can do. And let me just tell you right now – those so-called ab machines at the gym do a whole lot of nothing for you. The ones that add a little weight to your crunches. Yeah, not very effective. These 5 exercises I have put together for you are targeted to toning those muscles in your abdominal area. Let’s get to it!

[su_box title=”30 Second Plank (at least! work towards a longer plank)” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]plank2


[su_box title=”50 Russian Twists (25 on each side)” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]russian-twist-weigth


[su_box title=”30 Side Bends (15 on each side)” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]side-bends


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