6 Weird Side Effects of Working Out

Do your eyes ever water while you work out? Have you ever peed a little bit (or a lot) while you were running? Physical activity has strange effects on the body; check them and their weird explanations out here.Weird-Things-When-Exercising

Runny nose

Does your nose turn into a fountain as soon as you start running? Some women even have to carry tissues in their sports bra when they go out for runs! It turns out that the culprit is something called exercise-induced rhinitis, which is a condition in which the increased air flow from your quickened, heavy breathing sends your nose into mucus-producing overdrive. A runny nose isn’t the only symptom of exercise-induced rhinitis, however. You can even experience nasal congestion, itchy eyes, hives, rashes and headaches. Try taking an antihistamine before you begin your run or workout.

Overactive bladder

Nothing irks you more than when you set out for a run and your bladder is full about halfway through the run! The only thing worse could be actually peeing your pants while running — which actually does happen. It could be because of your increased blood flow, which stimulates your kidneys to produce more urine. A quick solution? Map out a route near public restrooms, like a park! If you’re feeling extremely hardcore, we guess you could wear an adult diaper.

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