How to do a Toe Touch Crunch

This exercise is perfect for your rectus abdominis. This is one exercise which can be used during your abdominal workout day, or you can do what I did. And make this one exercise an entire workout for your abdominal muscles. This is an excellent workout that will get your whole abdominal area burning with lactic acid! You don’t need any equipment and it can be done anywhere even when you are on vacation!

You need an interval timer for this exercise. I used a Gymboss timer but if you have a smart phone try downloading a free Interval timer app or you can even download free interval timers for your computer.

Set your timer for 10 seconds (rest) and 20 seconds (maximum effort)

You will complete a total of 8 rounds. This is known as Tabata Training.

Every 20 second round you have to give your maximum effort to complete as many reps as possible, using proper form. If your form begins to slack, slow down! Form is more important than getting a certain number or reps.

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Lay flat on your back and bring your arms overhead with your fingers pointed. Raise your legs up straight in the air and extend your arms to bring your feet and your fingers together – bringing your chest up, trying to touch your toes. Keep your head in line with your body and look towards your toes.[/su_box]

Be sure to keep your back flat on the ground and not to allow your lower back to curve. If you allow your back to curve you will be working your hip flexors instead of your abs so, squeeze those abdominal muscles!

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