How to Improve Your Rope Climbing

So, have you tried rope climbing at your local gym? Well, if you haven’t you might want to consider it. Rope climbing is one of the best full body workouts and is incredibly fun to do once you learn how to do it properly. Read this post and find out how to perform some simple rope climbing exercises and their benefits for your body.

What is Rope Climbing?

Rope climbing is as the name suggests an exercise where you climb a knotted rope. It is a full body workout and it helps you build arm strength. Rope climbing helps improve your grip, agility and co-ordination skills. It is an ancient practice and includes one simple motion. However, many armies and military units in civilizations all across time have used this exercise for centuries and it remains one of the best upper body strength exercises available.Rope-Climbing

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Rope climbing involves the use of different muscles like your biceps, shoulders, forearms, back and abdominals and tones and strengthens the aforementioned muscle groups. Rope climbing helps develop balance and agility.

You don’t need much equipment for the rope climb: Climbing rope (1.5″ – 2″ thick manila rope) hooked securely to a high ceiling. Weight Vest (Optional/Advanced)[/su_box]

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