Easy Warm Up 5-Minute Cardio Workout

You don’t need to spend a lot of time warming up for a workout, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Warming up your major muscle groups helps prevent injury and gets the blood flowing and body warm — essential in this Winter chill! Before your next workout, try this short and efficient routine that works your entire body. Move through each exercise for 30 seconds, then repeat the circuit a second time. In just five minutes, your body will be prepped for an awesome workout.

[su_box title=”1) Overhead Arm Circles” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]arm-circles

Warm up shoulders and chest with this easy-to-follow move.

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart.
  • Inhale and lift your arms up overhead with your palms facing forward, and exhale as you rotate your arms back behind you, keeping your palms facing forward.
  • Make large arm circles backward 15 seconds. Then, repeat in the opposite direction (toward the front of your body) for an additional 15 seconds.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”2) Butt Kickers” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]butt-kickers

Get your heart pumping and warm up quads with this appropriately named exercise.

  • Stand tall on the balls of your feet, hips-width apart.
  • Similar to jogging in place, bring (or “kick”) your heels to your butt rapidly, alternating legs for 30 seconds.[/su_box]
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