4 Advanced Core Exercises For Killer Abs

When people refer to “core stabilization,” this collection of exercises is exactly what they’re talking about. You can’t successfully perform any of these four moves without your midsection remaining solid and stable throughout every set. If you’re unstable, you’ll quickly learn why core strength is necessary and how it can help you reach your goals.

Get through the following workout, progressing from beginner to advanced with the suggestions mentioned below, and you’ll start developing a strong core.

The Workout

Perform all four exercises consecutively as a circuit, three times through.


Single-Arm Dumbbell Crunch8-15 per side
Weighted Sit-Up on Bosu8-10
Windshield Wiper8-25 per side
Side V-Up15-20 per side


Single-Arm Dumbbell Crunch (One Arm Dumbbell Weighted Sit-up)Single-Arm Dumbbell Crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent, holding a dumbbell over your face with your arm completely extended. Crunch up at the waist and try to raise the dumbbell several inches toward the ceiling.

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