How to get a 6-pack abs: Tips and Workout

Easy ab Exercises

Hanging Leg Raises

Wrong: Raise your legs until they are parallel with the floor. If you’re going half way up, you’re not working your abs, you’re working your hip flexors.

Right: Raise your legs as high as you can and when they’re down, make sure to really stretch your ab muscles to the max. That will really target your abs and help you build those great abs we’re talking about.

exercise abs

For the hanging leg raises I recommend you to start with 3 sets until failure (do for each set as many reps as you can).

Bosu Ball Crunches

This exercise is really good to focus on really getting that range motion of opening up the abdomen as much as you can and closing up to get that squeeze.

Sit on the ball at the edge, where the top of the ball is right under your lower back. Lay down on your back and open your abdomen as much as you possibly can. When you crunch, make sure to keep your chin up.

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  1. This article s crap it claims that everyone is wasting their time with going to gym or doing crunches to lose stomach fat. But fails to give an alternative except various crunches

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