Superset Shoulder Workout

Want to get a workout done in a short amount of time? Want to maximize efficiency of your workouts? Want to completely exhaust and break down your muscle tissue to activate optimal growth? If you answered yes to any of these questions above, then super set workouts are right in your wheel house!

What is a Superset?

A superset workout is a form of strength training in which you move from one exercise directly into another, without any breaks.

Supersets can be done in two very different ways.

  • You can performs supersets on opposing muscle groups. For example, you do bench press (which activates the chest) and you immediately jump into a superset of back rows (which activates the lats).
  • You can also perform supersets on the same muscle group. (This is the strategy we will talk about today.) For example, you do side lateral raises, immediately followed by front lateral raises.


Why perform supersets?

Because, like everyone, you are probably short for time.  You may be traveling and trying to get in a quick workout so you don’t mess up your vacation or work schedule. Supersets allow you to get a workout done in approximately 20-25 minutes.

Your goal in the gym should be to maximize every workout in the shortest amount of time possible. Supersets allow this to happen!

I like to perform supersets on the same muscle group…  I feel like it really breaks down my muscle tissue and completely exhausts that muscle, which in turn leads to muscle growth.

How to do Superset shoulder workout

So without further wait, here is a quick and painful (good pain) shoulder workout that I do quite frequently. It takes me only 20 minutes, but completely kills my shoulders and exhausts my muscles.

I frequently do this workout while staying at a hotel. Usually hotels have a very limited choice when it comes to free weights and dumbbells.

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