Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy

Make sure you start keeping score when eating your largest meal of the day


It will take some maneuvering of the applications and programs to have the data start collecting at this meal but it is possible to do. If the meal that you eat the most food at is dinner, have that be the first meal of the day and collect the data from there. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your calories so that if you need to cut some back, you can cut it off from your least favorite meal instead of cutting off from your most important meal.

Make subtle changes instead of big ones

It is so tempting to think to yourself that you will only eat the healthy foods and consume only water everyday to make yourself lose weight, or to start exercising daily. However, you should start by only making one change at the time. Try with adding one salad a day and cutting back half of the soda in the beggining. If you still crave the sugar of the soda, water it down so that your mind still thinks that you are getting all the sugar but in reality you are only getting half of it.

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  • Cut back on the empty carbs you eat daily
  • Cut back on the amount of alcohol that you drink
  • Drink more water and less sugary drinks
  • Increase the amount of vegetables you have daily
  • Instead of milk or soda, try green tea
  • Make sure your sugar intake is limited to 50g per day
  • Keep your protein intake to at least .08 times of your body weight in the amount of pounds
  • Limit the amount of rice, bread and pasta that you eat and instead add more vegetables and fruits.


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