Muffin Top Workout

Pretzel Knee CrunchPretzel Knee Crunch

Sit on your mat with your right leg bent in front of your body, with your right knee in front of your right hip and your right foot in front of your left hip, similar to sitting “criss-cross apple sauce”, and have your left leg in the same position behind you at about a 90-degree angle. Keep a flat back while hinging forward from the hips and touch your palms in front of your chest to balance. Lift your left leg off the floor by a few inches, trying to bring your left leg towards your right, trying to tap your left thigh to your left elbow. Repeat on other leg.

Elbow Plank Hip RainbowElbow Plank Hip Rainbow

​Assemble yourself into a forearm plank position, squeezing your abs tight and lifting your hips slightly above your shoulders. Rotate your right hip towards the floor, turning your feet onto their sides. Lift your hips lifting back to starting position. If you want to go for an extra balance challenge, lift your arm opposite to the one you are planking with into the air, and if you are feeling even braver, lift up that top foot and hold in the air.

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  1. I am 54 of age and menopause trying to lose 50 lbs of stomach. I also have bad back and right knee problem I use to be fit in my 20s,30s and 40s. But now since I turn 54 it's harder to lose weight. I eat right No sugar,no white rice nor white bread or no pork meat nor red meat. Since I also have high blood pressure too. But I need help lose this roll of stomach.

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