Chest and Triceps Workout Routine

Perform one to three circuits, resting three to five minutes between each. Do the workout once per week for six weeks, adding one rep to each exercise in every session. (So by Week 6, you should be able to do at least 10 reps per move.) DO IT! Perform these exercises back-to-back as quickly as possible. No rest! Complete at least five reps per move.


Get into push-up position over a medicine ball or small box. Lower your body until your chest is just above the floor and then push back up. Reach up with your opposite hand and slap your chest. Do all your reps, then switch sides.

Drop ’N’ pop

Drop-n-pop-pushupFrom the top position of a close-grip push-up, drop so your chest touches the ball. Then explosively push yourself back up so your hands come up in the air. Catch yourself on the ball.

Close-grip push-up

Place both hands on the ball and perform push ups, squeezing hard the whole time.

Crossover push-upBall-Crossover pushup

Perform a pushup with one hand on the ball, then quickly switch hands and do a rep on the opposite side.

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