Full-Body Workout with Just 2 Exercises

You mean I can get a complete workout with only two exercises? The other day I got to the gym a little later than I had anticipated. Realizing I was short on time I thought “what are the two exercises that will give me the absolute most bang for the amount of time I have to do them.” I was actually so pleased with the resultant workout that I wanted to share it with you! I give you the “Two Exercise Workout”. Don’t let the name fool you – this one is actually pretty killer.

Warm up – I spent about 5 minutes on the row machine. An elliptical is also a good option to warm up for this one.


One of my favorite total-body gym exercises. Combines squats and militaries to work everything from your quads to your arms. 10 reps (try to do them in 2 minutes).

Kettle Bell Swings

Another one of my favorite total body moves. Activate more of the back and core with this one. Keep your stomach tight and really drive with your legs. You should feel this one in your butt and hips. 15 reps (Try to do them in 2 minutes).

Here’s the clincher: You’ve got to do it 6 times (6 total sets of each exercise)! (If you can get through each set in about 5 minutes it should take 30 minutes for the whole workout).

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