Standing Ab Exercises with Weights

Take your abs to a whole new level by smashing them with some weights! Adding resistance to any exercise is a great way to jump off plateaus and see some serious gains. Today we’re adding some weights to one of my favorite core routines – 6 awesome ab exercises without a crunch or sit-up to be found! In fact, we’re not going to get on the floor at all! Try it out below:

Level: Beginner to Advanced – however hard you wanna push! Equipment: pair of dumbbells

1) Standing oblique twist
Standing Bicycle Kicks

Holding arms at 90-degree angle above shoulders with dumbbell in each hand. 10 touches each knee (20 total).

2) Standing reverse oblique crunch
Standing reverse oblique

Holding straight arm with dumbbell, bring knee and elbow together to the side. 10 touches each side (20 total).

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