12 Easy at Home Exercises to Lose Weight

There is plethora of weight loss exercises to choose from, but to zero in on the exercises that will work for you, depends on your weight loss goals, your age and your general health. Effective weight loss exercises are essential for a healthy weight loss program. Eating healthy and doing the right exercises will give you faster and effective results.

1) The Chin Lift

The chin lift can stretch and tone the muscles of the face area like jaw, neck and throat. To do the chin lift, follow some simple steps:The Chin Lift

  • Stand with the spine erect.
  • Tilt the head back and look toward the ceiling.
  • Pucker the lips tightly, like you want to kiss the ceiling.
  • Avoid moving any other facial muscle while doing this exercise; only use your lips.
  • Hold the lips in this puckered position for a 5 counts and release.
  • Repeat this exercise 6 to 10 times in a row.
2) The Neck Roll

The neck roll can tone and stretch the muscles near the jaw, throat and neck. This also helps in releasing tension from the shoulders and eases pain. Follow these steps to do the neck roll exercise:neck roll

  • Sit with an erect spine.
  • Turn the head to one side till your chin touches the shoulder, inhale.
  • You should look to one side.
  • While exhaling, gently roll the head downward till your chin is resting on the chest.
  • Keep the spine erect and the shoulders squared.
  • While inhaling, slowly lift the head back up, till the chin touches your other shoulder. You should look to the other side.
  • Repeat this full neck roll 6-10 times.
3) The Jaw Release

The jaw release exercise can tone and stretch the muscles of the face. Do the jaw release exercise as shown below:Jaw Release-singhasana

  • Stand with the spine erect.
  • Inhale deeply; exhale slowly.
  • Hum with the lips closed tightly.
  • While doing this, move the jaw in a chewing motion.
  • Once you have exhaled, open the mouth as wide as you can.
  • Inhale and exhale from the open mouth along with an “ahh” sound.
  • Rest your tongue tip gently on the back of the lower teeth to relax the jaw.
  • Repeat these steps 5 to 10 times.

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    Thanks for Sharing your informative words on weight loss. Above weight loss tips you have shared are really fabulous helps to lose weight naturally at home without spending dollars in gym. Informative article keep it up.

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