5 Exercises to Gain Explosive Power

Whether you are an athletic person or simply a fitness-freak, there is no doubt that you always exercise hard to give a boost to both your strength and speed by increasing your explosiveness. But your task may turn much easier if you focus on certain explosive exercises and learn to practice them properly. Let us guide you through the whole thing. Here are 5 most effective explosive exercises and the steps that you need to follow to practice them efficiently:

1) Clap (Plyometric Push-Up)

Begin your explosive workout session with this super fun exercise. It will make your upper body stronger and more resilient.

  1. Position yourself in the posture of regular push-up. Keep your feet together, while your hands should be underneath your shoulders.
  2. Your elbows should be along the lines of your body and you need to bend it slowly in order to lower down yourself to some extent.
  3. Once your chest comes close to the ground, push yourself up with both of your arms. Make sure that you follow an explosive movement this time.
  4. The moment your body goes up, raise your hands and clap. Then, return to your previous position gradually.
2) Wall Ball (Medicine Ball Shot)

Being an exercise based on intensity, power and momentum, it can work on our whole body and add to our explosiveness as much as possible.

  1. Stand upright in front of a wall and hold a medicine ball on it by providing support with your chest.
  2. Pull back both of your shoulders in such a way that your abdominal muscles get involved in the task of holding the ball.
  3. Slide your hips back a little in order to lower your body. It will make you look like sitting on a chair.
  4. Now, push up your body back into the first position i.e. the standing position. At the same time, throw the medicine ball as high as 10 ft. up on the wall. Your aim should be making the upward motion extremely explosive.
  5. Then, get into a squat position by lowering down your back. Meanwhile, hold the ball at the front part of your chest once again to repeat the entire procedure.

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