Treadmill Tips to Burn More Calories

  • Listen to Fast Music. Fast music increases your speed and agility. Peppy tunes make you forget that you are working on the treadmill, thereby allowing you to enjoy the music and stay on the treadmill for a longer duration.Music Treadmill tips
  • Increase Your Speed. After every few weeks, increase your treadmill speed by quarter-mile per hour. Working out at the same speed for longer periods will not challenge your body to burn those calories. And hence, your workout will not be of any benefit to you.
  • Vary Your Workout Time. Challenge your body by varying your workout times quite often. Doing so will condition your body for endurance training and burning more calories than usual. For example, if you run for half an hour three times week, opt for one hour run for the fourth workout.
  • Keep Off from The Handrails. Holding the handrails of the treadmill while exercising would mean burning fewer calories, due to loss of resistance. By gripping onto the handrails, your legs work out less, which does not give you the desired results.Handrails-Treadmill
  • Add Incline to Your Treadmill. Maintain an incline on the treadmill, instead of keeping it on a flat surface. By replicating the wind resistance and terrain variation, you will get a feel of running outdoors. Maintain an incline of at least 1.5% on the treadmill throughout the workout.
  • Go for Multi-Level Incline. Adjust the incline constantly after every few minutes. There are treadmills available that offer controlling the speed and incline automatically. For example, you can jog or walk at a 5% incline for 2 minutes. Gradually increase the incline to 10% for the next two minutes and to 15% for another one minute. Reduce the incline back to 10% for the next two minutes and back to 5% for the last two minutes. Follow this pyramid interval few times and repeat, as required.

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