How to get a 6-pack abs: Tips and Workout

Six Pack Abs Are Made in the Kitchen Not the Gym

Great abs are made in the kitchen, not so much in the gym. A lot of people are going in the gym really doing abs every day for an hour to lose belly fat and this is almost pointless. A lot of times this will gonna do actually more harm than good.

Top 10 foods that burn belly fat
Top 10 foods that burn belly fat

People think they can spot reduce fat, and this thing doesn’t exist. So if you have fat in your abdomen region, and you’re going to do a bunch of crunches to get that fat off, it won’t work! Muscle and fat are 2 whole different systems.

So when you work out your abs you’re building the ab muscle, but the fat over it doesn’t change at all.

[su_note note_color=”#FFF” radius=”14″]Don’t put a lot of stress in the gym as far as your ab workout. Because if you want your abs to show better, almost every time you need to diet, to eat a lot cleaner and to do more cardio, but don’t stress your abs too much in the gym.[/su_note]

One of the reasons I’m telling you to not go heavy with your abs in the gym is that you want to keep a nice waist-hip ratio for women and a nice shoulder-waist ratio for men. Even if you are a woman or you’re a man, you would like to have a thin and narrow waist, right? Well, working a lot on your abs will eventually make your waist wider and that is what you don’t want at all.

Of course, exercising helps! But if you have fat over your abs, you’re not gonna see those great abs you’re building while doing crunches. So first things first: make sure you’re eating the right food for your body in order to lose maintain weight. Even when you work your abs, stress them a little but don’t go heavy with them.

[su_service title=”Don’t get me wrong” icon=”icon: edit” icon_color=”#f4405a”]It’s good to do abs! When you work your abs it does build the muscle and it’s gonna help them show a lot easier, but it’s not gonna do anything as far as the fat over the abdomen.[/su_service]

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  1. This article s crap it claims that everyone is wasting their time with going to gym or doing crunches to lose stomach fat. But fails to give an alternative except various crunches

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