How Exercise Makes You Pretty

[su_box title=”4) Smile!” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]reasons-to-smile

Yup, it’s that simple. Scientific studies have repeatedly proven that smiling boosts the immune system and helps to relieve stress, so even if you’re in a bad mood, force yourself to smile. Can’t muster even that? Envision yourself poolside with a yummy cocktail and you’ll be smiling in no time! [/su_box]

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1 thought on “How Exercise Makes You Pretty”

  1. I have been diagnosed with Lupus and rhuematoid arthritis, I have chronic fatigue that’s so bad that I can’t get through my day’s anymore.The weird thing is that even though I have fatigue, I can’t sleep at night at all. I feel like a zombie. My 8 year old son has been diagnosed with turrets syndrome and ADHD and he has been going through so much and he’s just now starting to get better, but my heart aches for him because he wants me to go outside and play soccer like we used to and I literally have no energy to do that anymore. When the boys leave for school I just break down and cry, sometimes for hours. I have alot of workout equipment which I use to use every day, I still get on and try but I can’t finish. I grew up in a military home, I was a tomboy growing up, I played soccer, tennis, I wanted to play hockey but my mom wouldn’t let me because she said I would get my teeth knocked out. But bottom line I need someone to help me immediately because I can’t go on like this. Please help me.

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