Muffin Top Workout

Knee Russian TwistsRussianTwistsKnees

Find anything heavy in your vicinity and use it as a weight to hold in between your hands. While on your knees, tighten your core area while you lean backwards, maintaining a flight back holding your weight above your chest in between your hands. Take the weight over to your left side, twisting your midsection, crunching deep into your core muscles to scare that muffin top away. Twist over to the opposite side. Repeat until you can’t do anymore.

Plank JacksPlank Jumping Jacks

Find a surface that is a little bit above the ground, above half a foot or so. Place your feet on this surface and assemble into a plank position with your forearms on the ground. Tighten your stomach muscles and jump your feet off the elevated surface and onto the floor, legs wide. It looks similar to the motions of a jumping jack, except your arms stay in a forearm plank position. Jump your feet back onto your elevated surface, and repeat like jumping jacks. Try to hold the rest of your body still while your feet and legs are working to burn the fat from your muffin tops.

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  1. I am 54 of age and menopause trying to lose 50 lbs of stomach. I also have bad back and right knee problem I use to be fit in my 20s,30s and 40s. But now since I turn 54 it's harder to lose weight. I eat right No sugar,no white rice nor white bread or no pork meat nor red meat. Since I also have high blood pressure too. But I need help lose this roll of stomach.

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