Full Body Resistance Band Workout

5. Band Pull Apartsband-pull-aparts

To do this exercise, straighten your arms so they are parallel with your shoulders. Hold the band at either end and pull it apart while pulling your shoulder blades together. This will work to strengthen and develop all of the upper back muscles as well as the shoulders and triceps. These should be done for three sets of thirty.

6. Lunge with Overhead Tricep Extensionlunge-with-overhead

Hold the resistance band with one hand above your head. Grab it with the other hand behind your back. Step into a lunge with the same side of your body that is holding the resistance band overhead (if you are holding it overhead with the right hand, the right leg lunges forward). As you lower, pull the resistance band taut with the overhead hand. As you come out of the lunge, bend your elbow to release the tension on the resistance band. These should be done for three sets of ten on each side.

7. Resistance Band Pikeband-pike

Wrap the middle of the band around both feet and lie on your back. Hold the ends of the resistance bands in both hands and pull taut. Start with your feet in the air. Lower your legs slowly until your feet are inches from the ground. Then, slowly bring them back up to the starting position. These should be done for three sets of fifteen.

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