Full Body Resistance Band Workout

3. Squat with Overhead Pressband_shouldpress_squat

These are done with the band under your feet, standing straight up with arms bent. Squat down holding the handles or ends of the band and stand up, moving arms to a straight position. Overhead work is great for strengthening your core and using a band reduces the risk of the injury because you’re not holding heavy weights over your head. These should be done for four sets of eight.

4. Kneeling Glute Kickbacks with Resistance Bandkneeling glute band

Place the resistance band around one foot and assume an all-fours position. Kick back with the foot that the resistance band is looped around. Slowly lower your leg back down to starting position, controlling the band and being sure not to let it snap back to place. The use of bands with these makes it much easier to continually alter the difficulty, so they will work for both beginners and advanced trainees. These should be done for three sets of eight on each side.

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