5 Plank Exercise Variations

I love planks. There are few exercises that work the entire abdominal wall more completely than planks and plank variations. Today we’re celebrating all these plank variations by throwing quite a few of them at you… all in the same workout! I call it my “Ultimate Plank Challenge”!! Sixteen 30-second plank holds resulting in 8 straight minutes of gut-wrenching fun! I did this one two days ago and am still feeling it! Try to contain your excitement – here we go!!

All you need is a stopwatch and a little space! We’re going to be switching up primarily between straight planks and side planks; try to keep your body up the whole time (don’t ever let it relax – just go straight in to the next exercise).

Straight Plank – 30 seconds

Pike Plank – 30 seconds (up and down)

Side Plank Left (Right) – 30 seconds

Spiderman Plank – 30 seconds

Up-Down Plank – 30 seconds

Side Plank Left (Right) – 30 seconds

Feeling pretty good? Excellent; you’re halfway there! Repeat the whole thing twice – try to keep your body up the whole time (no resting).

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