16 Shoulder Exercises

Kettlebell Swings


Primary Muscle(s): Front Deltoids

  • Squat down slightly with a kettlebell on the ground in between your legs. Grab it with your right hand.
  • Dip down, contract your butt, pull your shoulder forward, and powerfully swing the kettlebell up to your face. Your legs should ascend with torso. SQUEEZE your core and keep your lower back flat.
  • Control the weight and slowly bring it back down to the bottom. Immediately repeat for a full set and then switch arms.

Tip: You can also do kettlebell swings with two arms and a heavier weight.

Upright Rows


Primary Muscle(s): Front Deltoids, Traps

  • Hold a barbell (an EZ bar works, too) with an overhand grip. Place your hands roughly 6″ apart.
  • Under control, slowly pull the bar up to the top of your chest — keep your elbows flared up so that they’re higher than your hands. Your core should be tight throughout.
  • Hold it for .5s at the top and slowly lower back down to the bottom.

Tip: Superset back-to-back with #14, Front Plate Raises.

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