16 Shoulder Exercises

Lunging Shoulder Press

Lunging Shoulder Press

Primary Muscle(s): Shoulders (All)

  • Hold a dumbbell with your left arm and lunge forward with your right leg. This is your base position, stay balanced and anchored.
  • Maintain a tight core and powerfully shoot the dumbbell overhead.
  • Hold for .5s and slowly lower it back down to your shoulder. Do a full set and repeat for the opposite side. Press from the down position at all times.

Tip: This is designed as a stationary press. Make it more advanced and movement based by doing a full lunge and THEN a press for every rep.

Cable Face Pulls


Primary Muscle(s): Rear Deltoids

  • Stand at a cable station with a rope attachment. Adjust it as high as possible.
  • Tighten your core, raise your arms, draw your shoulders back, and pull the rope in towards your mouth. Flare it and pull your rear deltoids as far back as possible. Your elbows should stay high throughout.
  • SQUEEZE the contraction for 1s and slowly release it back to start.
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