How to Transform Yourself in 6 Weeks



The other big lesson I try to instill in moms is that they have to be accountable for what they eat.  Diet is by far the number one reason why a lot of moms stop training. They don’t see results within the first couple weeks of training, decide that it isn’t for them and walk away. When I ask them what they are eating they say: “All good things.” So they think. Many times, I can only shake my head when I ask them to write down everything that they eat in a day and show it to me. Either they are over-eating, not eating enough or just plain eating junk. When you train three to five days a week and stay on a healthy eating plan you can get results, without a doubt.

I like my moms to track calories with mobile phone apps. This keeps them from cheating and let’s them track and see just how many calories they consume in a meal or snack.  I also advise them to include a cheat meal from time to time. This isn’t a full day of cheating; just one meal for the day every four days or so.  The cheat meal is a reward for staying on track.

Drink plenty of water. If you are having trouble drinking water, just add something tasty to it like fresh organic fruit or even Crystal Light.

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