5 Tips to Build Big Arms

5) Try Single-Arm Lifts

Unilateral (single-arm) lifts can be beneficial to your arms training. Many of us are stronger on one side of our body. So, if you only use a barbell to do biceps curls, chances are that your dominant side will do more work, leaving your weaker side, well, weaker.454345453

By focusing on one side at a time, you’ll be able to grow each arm evenly. Balanced and symmetrical muscles not only look better, but they function better so you’re less likely to get injured.

Single-arm lifts can also help you learn how to use your mind-muscle connection to better recruit and activate the right muscle fibers to do the work. Think about your triceps squeezing as you do each and every rep, concentrate on using that muscle, and only that muscle, to move the weight.

Arms Attack

Need a fresh arms workout to put your newfound knowledge to use? Try one of Ashley’s favorite arms assaults! This workout is built on supersets, one of Ashley’s treasured techniques.

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