The Lean-Body Laws

Increase Non-Exercise Physical Activity

When you’re trying to drop body fat, every extra calorie you burn takes you one step closer to your goal. Increase your activity and burn more calories. Begin by taking some of these steps:

  • Park farther away at work or when shopping.
  • Instead of sitting, stand while taking phone calls at work.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
  • Don’t drive around the corner to the store—walk!

Progressively Increase Your Cardio

There comes a point where you cannot add more high-intensity exercise such as resistance training and interval training to your routine. Instead, add additional low-intensity cardio as needed. Progressively adding training and cardio volume as needed—and not right off the bat— gives your body the best chance for long-term weight-loss success.

Start Sprinting

Interval sprints done as part of high-intensity interval training are another great fat-loss strategy. Two or three 20-minute sessions can be a great addition to your training program. Sprinting burns a great deal of calories in a short amount of time and improves metabolism.

Limit Rest Between Sets

Keep your training goals in mind when you’re lifting. While cutting down on your break time between sets might mean you can’t lift as heavy with each rep, that’s OK. You’re not going after strength here. Instead, limiting your rest periods will keep your heart rate up and allow you to burn more calories.Limit-sets

Avoid Failure

When your focus is fat loss, you shouldn’t be pushing yourself to the absolute max. If you do, your ability to recovery will be compromised. Compromised recovery and training to failure don’t mix. Make sure to keep one rep “in the hole.”

Set Goals

You’re on a mission, and every mission has a set end point. When setting goals, determine what you want and write it down. Having something concrete will help keep you accountable.

Find a Mentor

Whatever your goal may be, someone has done it before. Be a copycat! Finding a solid mentor will save you a lot of time and frustration. They can help you with everything from training and nutrition to overall motivation.

Visualize Your Success

In order to achieve your goal physically, you need to have it mapped out mentally. Visualize yourself the day you reach your goal. What will you look like? What will it feel like? Hold that image in your mind and achieve it!

Perfect Your Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

Looking lean doesn’t mean cutting out every single gram of sugar. For example, skipping your pre-workout or post-workout shakes just because they contain sugar is a bad idea. The carbohydrates, whey protein, and BCAAs found in a solid workout shake do much more good than harm. They help you recover faster, train harder, and build muscle while dieting.

Get Micronutrient Support

While it’s not directly related to fat loss, incorporating micronutrients into your diet is important for overall health. When your calories are low, you’re at a much higher risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Taking a multivitaminor supplementing with whole-food extracts can help prevent potential problems and keep you fully functioning.

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