Superset Shoulder Workout

Trip fitness superset shoulder workout

Pair 15 Lb. Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells
Pair 15 Lb. Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells

For this workout, I usually start with lighter weight.  I will start myself with 15 lb dumbbells. I perform two sets with the 15 lb dumbbells and then for sets three and four, I perform those with 20 lb dumbbells in order to completely exhaust my shoulders. If you’re like me, it may feel weird starting with such light weight, but believe me… The final couple of exercises in each set will be pretty tough!

You will perform this superset as a “circuit”, finishing one exercise and then moving directly into the next exercise, until you finish all five exercises. Once you finish all five exercises, this will be considered set #1…  You can rest for approximately 60-90 seconds and then perform set #2.

[su_highlight background=”#cbe3fe” color=”#141618″]You will perform four total rounds of these supersets![/su_highlight]

All exercises are done seated on a workout bench. I typically use the chair bench that is used for shoulder presses…Grab your dumbbell of choice and let’s get started!

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