How to Start Exercising Again

Attend an exercise class

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be all about pushing weights and grinding out the miles on the treadmill. In recent years, many gyms have introduced a range offitness classes such as spinning, circuits, rowing, abdominal workouts, yoga and Pilates all of which give you a variety of options and will help you to maintain your interest. Plus, as you see progress each week, you’re more likely to keep going back time after time. Classes will also ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly thus minimizing your chances of picking up an injury.

Go to the gym at a time that really suits you

gym-timeIt definitely pays to go to the gym at a time that really suits you. Many gyms have extended opening hours and are open early in the morning so the early birds can get their fix before going to work. It’s often best to go to the gym in the morning or on the way home especially as you may not be bothered going to the gym once you’ve made it home and slipped your shoes off. However, if you’re someone who likes to head out to the gym late on and are usually one of the last to leave, then stick to that if it suits you.

Train for a race/competition

To really get you to focus on your visits to the gym and stick at it, why not consider entering a race or competition? If you’ve got an end goal, such as running a marathon, then that may spur you on to keep going to the gym. It doesn’t have to be anything as hard as a marathon, of course but simply by putting the date of the race on your calendar, you will be helping yourself to get revved up and may even start looking forward to the gym! Also, following a specific training schedule will give your workouts structure and really help to motivate you.

Gym still not for you?

If none of the ten tips above have inspired you to pick up your membership card or start looking for a new gym, then why not consider working out at home? There’s plenty you can do from home to keep you fit, and it doesn’t have to rely on expensive and sophisticated gym equipment. For example, using your own bodyweight for exercise is often all the gym equipment you need.

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