A Killer HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Want a killer workout but don’t have any equipment? Look no further than High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and your own bodyweight for a workout that will get your heart pumping and sweat pouring in no time.

This quick HIIT workout will make your muscles burn, and it only takes 12 minutes to complete. The key to making it effective is to work as hard as you possibly can during every interval — if you’re not exhausted by the end, you’re not working hard enough!

How to do the workout

To do this workout, you’ll need to set an interval timer for 18 rounds of 10 second and 30 second intervals. You’ll be resting on the 10 second intervals, then working as hard as you possibly can on the 30 second ones.

You’ll end up going through the following circuit three times!
And remember, don’t hold back! The harder you work, the faster you’ll start to see results. You can do this workout three to five times a week or add it to your other HIIT training to get in awesome shape before you know it.

Exercises Guide

Here’s how to do each of the exercises in the workouts along with photo demonstrations:


Get into a squat position, then put your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back quickly and land so that your chest hits the floor. Bow your chest up slightly, then jump your feet back toward your hands and immediately jump up and get some air, adding a clap at the top position for enthusiasm!


This type of burpee focuses more on conditioning, but you can also do burpees with a full push-up if you want to put more of an emphasis on your arms and chest.

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