How To Build Muscle Mass: 7 Critical Keys


Rest duration may be one of the most overlooked training variables for hypertrophy. What I’m referring to here is the amount of rest you take between sets. It needs to be adjusted based on your training goals. For example, for maximum strength development, rest time should be 3-5 minutes to adequately recover for the next performance set. However, a moderate rest period of 1-2 minutes offers the best benefits for hypertrophy. You don’t need to time your rest between sets with a stopwatch, but you should be more aware of the appropriate time range in order to take advantage of muscle-building

Proper rest between sets should be maintained at approximately 1-2 minutes to recover sufficiently and promote the optimal muscle-building environment.


How long do you rest between training sessions that work a given muscle group when maximizing muscle gain? First, remember that the actual growth processes don’t occur during the training; that’s the stimulus for growth, but the muscle tissue is rebuilt during periods of recovery, requiring rest and good nutrition.

Protein synthesis—which is the process that builds muscle—can remain elevated for 48 hours or more post-training. With that understanding, you should allow at least 48 hours of recovery before hitting a given muscle group again. How you set up your training split becomes an important factor. Doing chest on Mondays, triceps on Tuesdays, and shoulders on Wednesdays is therefore a less-favorable split than doing chest and triceps on Mondays and shoulders on Wednesdays.

Allow 48 hours minimum between training sessions for a given muscle group to allow for sufficient recovery and growth.
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