How to Build A Fit Female Body

Constructing A Proper Weight Training Program

Moving along, the next element of a good body changing program to discuss is weight lifting. Weight lifting earns top marks on the exercise front because it’ll help to increase muscular strength, improve your resting metabolic rate, add more muscle definition and tone, and help to improve your functional physical capability as well.

When designing a weight training program, there are two main things to note:

  • Take the full body approach where you work each muscle group in the body with every single workout. These are the most effective workouts because you’ll burn more calories during the session and have to spend less total time in the gym.
  • Utilize as many compound exercises as possible. Compound exercises are those that work more than one muscle group at once, so they’re your squats, bench press, lunges, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and bent over rows.

Spend more time on these and less time on isolation exercises that work just a single muscle group such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, hamstring curls, leg extensions, and so on. Those burn few calories and will produce little result.

Aim for 8-12 reps of each set you do, doing 2-4 sets per exercise. Perform your full body workout three times per week and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

Now let’s take a brief look at the top supplements to consider.

Supplements To Enhance Results

As you go about your diet plan, you may start to consider using some supplements at some point or another. Supplements can be a great way to take your results one step further and help enhance the overall fat burning taking place in your body.

Here are the primary supplements that you may want to think about. Remember that these should only be used after a good diet is in place however.

Protein Powder
Most women struggle to get in enough protein, so this supplement can really save the day. Get a whey isolate for right before and after the workout as these are designed to be digested rapidly and a casein protein powder for before bed or between meals. That variety will break down more slowly, providing a steady release of amino acids to the muscle cells.supplements-fit

Fish Oil
Moving on, fish oil is another must have. Fish oil will ensure that you get your full intake of omega fats each and every day, making it easier than eating fatty fish seven days a week.

Aim for 3-6 caps per day and you’ll reap all the benefits that the omega fats offer that we discussed earlier.

On those days when you just can’t get in enough fruits and vegetables, having a good multi-vitamin for back-up assurance is a wise move. Take these and you can feel confident that you aren’t falling short on any major vitamins or mineral and will sustain good health.

Finally, to speed up your recovery from those intense workout sessions, consider glutamine. Glutamine is a particular amino acid that works hard in the body to boost your immune system. Without enough glutamine, you may find that you feel very run-down between workouts, which definitely will have you putting in less effort.
Take five grams both immediately after your workout as well as before bed.

If you can get these supplements in your arsenal, you’ll be cutting out the pricey supplements that you really don’t need while focusing on the ones that will actually offer you results.

The Next Stage
A wise person once stated, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But beauty has become less about the “beholder” and more about the projected image of what beauty is. Today the media projects images of emaciated models and rail thin cover models telling us that is beautiful. The image of what we portray a woman’s body and what we think is beauty has drastically changed over the past decades. Marilyn Monroe was by far the biggest sex symbol of the 1950’s. There was not one woman out there that did not want to have the body of this blonde goddess. In the 1980’s Denise Austin was the face of women’s fitness. I can recall watching my mother workout in the mornings to Getting Fit on ESPN and hearing her say, “If Denise can do it, so can I.” This lady coaching my mother through the television appeared as though she had the total package; sculpted legs, toned arms, and a booty that you could bounce a coin off of. Today we have a host of beautiful fitness models and role models for young women to look up to and aspire to be. However, our self image and what we accept about our bodies has become distorted. We are on a quest for the perfect body.

But what defines the “perfect body?” And who is to say what is perfect and what is not. And why do you workout? Do you workout for self confidence? To justify some of the “comfort” foods that you eat? Or in order to relieve stress. While these reasons are common, by far the most common reasoning for working out is because of that one stubborn part that you are not happy with.

As a fitness professional, I will tell you that no matter what your reasoning is for working out, there will always be those stubborn body parts, but you can always improve them and strive to achieve what YOU want out of your body.

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