How to Build A Fit Female Body

The Myth Of Spot Training
One of the biggest mistakes that you could make as you go about your training is falling for the myth of spot training or reducing as it’s often called.

What this myth essentially states is that you can pinpoint exactly where you’re going to lose body fat.

For example, some women will think that if they perform an endless series of crunches over and over again, they’ll be right on track to getting the stomach of their dreams. This is hardly the case.

In order to get a flat stomach, you must first remove all the fat covering the stomach so it will be possible to see the muscles underneath. As long as that fat is there, it doesn’t matter how strong or defined those muscles are, they’ll still be hidden.

And, crunches do very little to burn off calories so won’t really have any type of influence on whether or not you lose body fat. So that approach is a horrible one if getting flat abs is your goal.
Strange as it may sound, you’d be better off performing interval sprints and a session of squats, deadlifts, rows, and bench presses. That would lead to greater flat ab success than performing crunches for an hour.flat-belly-fit-girl-min

Spot training is completely untrue because you will lose fat from all over your body as time progresses on. You don’t get to pick and choose which area of the body you burn off body fat from, so you must just focus on doing whatever you can to speed up the entire fat loss process.
This includes eating the right diet (which we’ve already outlined), along with using a workout program that not only burns as many calories as possible during the session, but also boosts your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories after the workout is complete as well.

If you can do that, then you’ll really be on your way to success. You’ll see fat loss coming off of all the main areas of your body, including the ‘trouble’ spot that you were trying to tone in the first place.

So now that you know improving your body is a full body effort, this leads us to our next discussion, which is the cardio versus weight training debate.

Cardio Versus Weight Training

One of the biggest mistakes that so many females make is thinking that the fastest way to their success is to perform loads and loads of cardio each day.

They figure that since they are burning calories while doing that cardio training, this must mean that they’re making progress.

Only, that’s furthest from the truth. Cardio training is not going to change your body – not the way weight training will.

The problem with doing an overabundance of cardio training while simultaneously having a lack of weight lifting is the fact that cardio training does nothing to strengthen the muscles and prevent lean muscle mass loss.

When dieting and using that reduced calorie intake, you are already at a risk of lean muscle mass loss. If you go off performing exercise that doesn’t require much muscular challenge (just an aerobic challenge for your heart), you’re doing very little to convince your body to keep its lean muscle mass tissue.

As a result, it may start to burn some of it off, meaning you’re still losing that fat and muscle combo.

The end result is that you may become lighter and smaller, but you become a smaller version of your current self or worse yet, a smaller version of yourself that has more body fat and less muscle. This means, all in all, you’ll actually look softer and flabbier.

Is that the result you’re going for?

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