How to Build A Fit Female Body

Factoring In Body Type

Finally, also remember that you should base your entire program – not just your diet, but your workouts as well, around your body type. This is important because in some cases, you will need to use a slightly different approach than in others.

For example, if you have 20+ pounds to lose and would describe yourself right now as quite overweight, then you can take a more aggressive approach with your diet than someone who is already quite lean and looking to get to the very lean level with a defined abs and so on.

Someone who is much leaner will find that their body fights back a lot harder as they continue on with the diet process, while someone who isn’t as lean will be able to use a higher calorie deficit and sustain that diet for a longer period of time before having to take a diet break.

This all mostly relates back to how much of a threat your body is going to view that diet as. Your body doesn’t like to be in a state of exceptional leanness. If it had its way, you’d say slightly heavier as to it, fat is protection.

So, any time you threaten to remove this protection, it’s going to put up a bit of a defence to try and stop you. The less protection you have, the stronger its lines of defence will be.

Taking this into account as you choose the nature of the program will be important so that the program is indeed something that you can stick with as time progresses onwards and is a healthy approach for your body.

So this now wraps up the discussion on diet. Let’s turn our focus now to the exercise side of things so that you can get the other half of the equation in place for optimal results.Body types

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