How to Workout at Home Without Equipment or Weights


You know what a workout schlepping a heavy bag around an airport can be, so bring that same hard work home. Replace a bulky barbell with a sturdy duffel bag filled to your comfort level, and use it for biceps curls.Bicep Curl with Luggage

Stand with your feet close together. Hold the duffel bag in front of you with both hands, with your arms extended toward the floor and your palms facing up and away from you.

Lift your hands upward toward your chest, holding your elbows stationary at the sides of your abdomen. Avoid leaning back as you lift the duffel bag. Lower your hands back down and repeat as necessary. You can also do this exercise holding the duffel bag handles with one hand and curling the bag with one arm.


No ballet studio? No problem. Tone up your glutes with your countertop or a sturdy desk instead with kickbacks.glute kickbacks

Stand facing a countertop, with your feet side by side about a foot from the counter. Place your fingertips on the counter for support. Lift your right leg behind you, keeping your leg straight. The effort to lift your leg should come from your butt muscle. That’s one repetition. Repeat as necessary before switching to your other leg.

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