5 Symptoms of Food Intolerance

You’re Gaining Weight


When you’re constantly eating a food that your body can’t digest, your body becomes inflamed, triggering a total-body response and increasing insulin resistance. Because insulin is a fat-storage hormone, it causes you to gain weight. Since studies show that certain foods have a chronic inflammatory effect in the body to those who are intolerant to them, trying to eliminate that food will help combat obesity, bloating, and lethargy.

Your Brain Is in a Fog


Some food intolerances can cause a drug-like effect on the brain, causing you to feel forgetful and cloudy when you are going through ”withdrawal.” Certain foods that don’t work well for your body can cause leaky gut syndrome, which compromises digestion and causes nutrients and food particles to leak out into the bloodstream. This prevents essential nutrients from reaching the brain, creating a brain fog in those affected.

You Have Joint and Muscle Aches

jointChronic inflammation not only affects your mood, but it affects the joints and muscles in your body as well. Eating foods that your body can’t handle raises insulin levels, which can promote inflammation and in turn causes aching and discomfort in your joints and muscles. Limiting inflammatory foods can help with your joint pain. Common culprits include fried and processed foods, sugar, dairy, and gluten.

If you suspect you may have a food tolerance, try doing an elimination diet or consulting your doctor.

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