Exercises to Build Back Muscles

Bent Over Barbell RowBarbell-Bent-Over-RowTo change it a little bit, you should do the bent over barbell row exercise instead of the front lat pull down. The thing is that these two exercises heat up the same back muscles, so to make a change you should change these two. So actually this should be your second exercise. It works for the upper lats, and of all the weight exercises, this is the one that works best. It is preformed with a barbell, and you should load it with weights so that it works better. Some do it with weights, but I think that the bar is the right way to go. Also, you can do it with your fists facing the floor, or facing you. Ether way it works great! You should do this exercise as your second one, right after thepulldown exercise, which always comes first!

The Seated Cable Rowseated-rowThe next exercise is the seated cable row. This is also a machine exercise, that works perfectly for your back muscles. The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it with resistance bands too. I’ve done it in the comfort of my home, and it’s really one hell of a workout! It is an exercise that works your lower back, and the lower part of the lats. You should learn the movement right in order to preform it in the best way. Just be careful, because sometimes it engages your arms too, so you have to make sure it hits your back muscles right.

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