3 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Ankle Touch Crunches


Continue lying prone with arms by your side and legs straight on the floor. Bend your knees, bringing them up towards your head and you lean upwards, slightly lifting your shoulders off the ground and reach to your ankles with both hands. Slowly pause and release fully back into starting position. This counts as one rep. Complete a total of 30 reps.

Plank dumbbell rows (20 per arm)

dumbbell rows

Begin in the plank position with a DB in one hand, keeping your elbow slightly bent (so the DB doesn’t touch the floor) and your opposite hand flat on the floor. Bend the elbow of the arm holding the DB and raise your elbow to the ceiling, keeping your arm aligned with your back and release back to starting position.
Try not to push your elbow out to the sides, or bring it up too high from your back. It is important to squeeze your back muscles to raise the DB.
Stabilize your body using your core muscles as this exercise is only performed on one hand. Complete 20 reps on one side, before moving onto the final 20 reps on your opposite side.

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