5 Effective Exercises for Back Fat

Looking at yourself in the mirror, your arms and legs are well-toned, your abs are looking good, but once you turn your back from the mirror, you see those hideous bulges on your back that makes you cringe.

3 Cardio Blasts Circuits

Life gets busy and sometimes it can be hard to squeeze in a workout between work meetings, daily commutes and time at home with the family.

A Quick and Effective Core Workout

A strong core is essential for just about any physical activity imaginable, so start your New Year off right by kicking your core into action — strong and sleek abs are just one of the many positive side effects of this quick and effective circuit. 

Workout of the Week: Tuck Jumps

Tuck Jumps, also known as Knee Tuck Jumps and Knee-to-Chest Jumps, are one of the intermediary-advanced plyometric exercises.

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