How to Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage: 8 – 10% ATHLEAN RANGE33

The 8-10% body fat range is a good target range for many guys because it’s more sustainable. It’s seen as a ‘healthy’ look by many and associated with the classic beach body. At 8-10%, vascularity and striations are less present, but still there in some parts of the body.

The abdominal muscles are visible, and you should be able to clearly see all three rows of abs. Some men may prefer to remain in this range for a bit less vascularity and a ‘smoother’ look.

Body Fat Percentage: 11 – 12%body-fat-11-12

In this range, you may see some abdominal definition if, for example, you want to oil yourself up and shine a bright light at yourself like this guy did. But who wants to walk around all slimy all the time?

Body Fat Percentage: 13 – 15%body-fat-13-15

In this range, a guy may look pretty lean, but you just can’t quite see the abs yet. Muscle definition will also be slightly less visible.

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