7 Ball Exercises For Weight Loss

Using ball exercises to workout and get lean is a fun way to mix up you workout, work your core, and get you back into shape. I love to do these because they seem to be more fun then the other boring machines and plain ‘ol weights. Below you will find some of my favorite ball exercises. There are 2 ways that you can do them.

Circuit FashionDo each ball exercise, one set, then continue in to the next exercises. Once you have finish one set of each exercise you can rest! Do 3 -4 rounds total.
StandardDo 3 – 4 sets of each exercise with a 30 -45 second rest in-between.


Swiss-Ball Push-Up

Ball Push-Up
Swiss-Ball Push-Up

Lay on the ball. Walk your body out onto the ball until the ball is on your shins. Perform a standard pushup paying close attention to your abdominal region. Keep your stomach tight to aid in balance and strength.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times (3 – 4 Sets)

Ball Hamstring Exercise

Ball Hamstring exercise
Ball Hamstring

Lay on your back with the lower part of your calves on the ball. Stomach should be tucked in. Lift your  butt and back off the floor, squeeze your stomach. Bend your knees and roll the ball towards you.  Then return to starting position.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times (3 – 4 Sets)

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