6 Hip Flexor Stretches

4) The Reclined Bound Angle Pose
Reclined Bound Angle Pose

The reclined bound angle pose helps stretch groin and inner thighs, while expanding the chest. Ensure that you keep the spine upright and you don’t arch it. For added support, consider placing a hand towel under the lower ankles to reduce discomfort and one under the head to avoid the neck from compressing. The pose helps relieve fatigue and even mild depression. Check out how to do the reclined bound angle pose.

5) The Perfect Pose
The Perfect Pose

According to legend, the perfect pose can help you acquire supernatural powers. It usually opens up the hips and stretches the ankles and the back. Yoga is usually represented universally by this pose. It is believed to help dispel nervous energy. The pose helps calm your thoughts. It is believed to have great benefits on people suffering from asthma. Check out how to do the perfect pose.

6) Downward Facing Frog Exercise
Downward Facing Frog Pose

The downward frog pose helps open up the flexors as you go down to the floor. To simplify the position, place a pillow or hand-towel under the knees and ankles. If you still don’t find the position comfortable and you strain your ankles, push them towards each other instead of letting your feet around the sides. Check out how to perform a downward facing frog exercise.

A Word Of Warning

In most cases, tight hip flexors are attributed to lower back pain. Thus, for those of you who are experiencing back pain, take some time to stretch the back and the hip flexors to strengthen these muscle groups. You can choose to do combined exercises that help the back and the hip flexors together.

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