6 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Lift Heavy Weights

If you’re familiar with any of my work, you know I’m a big fan of lifting heavy weights. Well, among the many benefits of lifting heavy is the fact that it helps speed up fat loss.

A study published by Greek sports scientists found that men that trained with heavy weights (80-85% of their one-rep max, or “1RM”) increased their metabolic rates over the following three days, burning hundreds more calories than the men that trained with lighter weights (45-65% of their 1RM).boost_metabolism

Another study showed that the increased energy expenditure after lifting heavy weights ismainly derived from burning fat (and researchers weren’t sure why). So hit the weights and hit them hard if you want to jack up your metabolic rate and in turn, speed up your fat loss. And if you want to score extra points, focus on compound lifts like squats and deadlifts, because these are the types that burn the most post-workout calories.

Avoid Consecutive Days of Rest

Doing no exercise for two days in a row can slow your metabolic rate down. Instead of training for 5 or 6 days straight and then taking two days of complete rest, train 3 or 4 days and then take a day off, followed by another 3 – 4 days of training.

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